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The Team

Who We Are

Ammo Angom

Founder and Wearer of Many Hats

Living Manipur was born out of Ammo’s lifelong dream to return to his roots and give back. 

Ammo was born and raised in Imphal, Manipur. Studies and later work took him to different parts of the country - Panchgani, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and then Mumbai before he quit his  corporate job and returned home to Imphal after 2 decades. 


Ammo enjoys solo travel but also cherishes small group experiences - the human connect. He religiously explores corners of Manipur . Challenging terrain and open spaces, exposed to the elements, are where he feels most native.

Besides his love for Manipur and travel, Ammo’s interests range from other entrepreneurial projects to investment funds, engineering projects and music.

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Inao (Angom Purnachandra)

All Things Operations 

Also born and raised in Imphal, Inao too spent a few years away from Manipur before returning to his roots. Inao is the person who gets the job done. From making your stay comfortable, bringing itineraries to fruition and handling day to day local issues, he’s Ammo’s right hand, first counsel and sounding board all rolled into one. Inao is your person for any questions you might have about the latest happenings and goings on in Imphal as there’s hardly an event that Inao isn’t invited to! As a new father, spare time is limited but when the opportunity allows, Inao enjoys off-roading and revelling in the outdoors. His calm and reliable disposition make him indispensable to the functioning of Living Manipur.

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We cannot do what we do without support from the local community and trusted partners who we work with to make the magic happen.

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