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Itinerary Ideas

Whether you are planning a weekend trip, a week long vacation or scouting for a destination to work remotely from, we hope these sample itineraries serve as fodder for inspiration.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do or a day-to-day plan that's set in stone. We always tailor individualised plans based on the personalities and interests of each guest/group.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions as you read these and visualise your trip!

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The 'Quick and Essential'

A long weekend

Day 1 Welcome to Imphal. If you arrive early, which is highly recommended, lunch at an iconic Imphal joint is highly recommended. After checking in, and a small nap, if you like, you can consider a visit to the local Ima market or Govinda ji temple following which home made Manipuri dinner at Ekhoigi will await you which you can enjoy while discussing plans for the next couple of days. Day 2 A day trip to the Ukhrul region will start bright and early. We will drive through windy roads, stop for pictures and caffeine For hiking enthusiasts, scaling Shirui peak is a must do Alternatively, exploring remote villages in the heart of Tangkhul region is another more laid back option before the road trip back to Imphal while recounting the day’s adventures. If you have the energy for it, the local music scene or live theatre is worth checking out.  Day 3 You cannot leave without a visit to Loktak. Depending on how much time you have, there are many detours to explore local villages. At Loktak, take in the tranquility from unmarked view points, enjoy a boat ride and step on a floating island (phumdi) before you head back to the airport for your flight back.


The 'Range and Reach'

5-7 days

Day 1 Depending on time of arrival, your first day could involve a home cooked Manipuri as you get familiar with your home for the next week or so. A visit to a local temple or a drive through neighbourhoods to find street theatre performances are options to get your feet wet with Manipuri culture. Spend the evening finalising your itinerary for the next few days over local libations, snacks and/or dinner. Day 2 Take a whole day to explore the Loktak region. There are several detour, villages and local markets worth stopping at before making it to Loktak itself. Experience Loktak via the views from multiple heights, and from a canoe or motorboat on the water. Consider a bite in the village nearby or drive back to Imphal for dinner.  Day 3-4 An overnight road trip to the Ukhrul region will start bright and early, involving windy roads, exploring villages in the Tangkhul region, interesting local markets, scaling the Shirui peak, tea gardens and beautiful vistas at Hoyang Kachui in Tangkhul.  Day 5 You might want to take it easy after the hike up to Shirui. You could experience a traditional multi course Manipuri meal called Ushop and take a well deserved nap afterwards or check out pineapple and fish farms in Imphal valley.  An alternative is another day trip to the border town of Moreh and checking out the Burmese town of Tamu. An evening barbecuing at Ekhoigi with local music and/or libation, recounting your week’s adventures is the best way to wind down.  Day 6-7 Asia’s largest women run market, Ima Keithel deserves a few hours at least. Take your time ambling through stalls and thousands of bustling vendors selling fresh and dry seasonal produce, local handicrafts and textiles. Shop for souvenirs or a gift for a loved one and consider scheduling a cooking workshop as well, before you depart.


The 'Immersion'

2 weeks or more

With more time, you can cover all the experiences in other itineraries at your own pace and then some more.  The local arts and sports scene is thriving. Ask around about local events/gigs that you could attend. We'd encourage people watching at local cafes to get in on the local entrepreneurial energy. Those more interested in food culture will want to keep going back to the markets (including the massive Ima Keithel) and local farms. Ask about cooking workshops, mushroom and seasonal foraging experiences.  Manipur is almost always celebrating some festival or season which means there are plenty of cultural events going on that you can attend for more experiences of local customs and traditions.   For the active and adventurous, there is the Tamenglong region and Barak valley to explore.Tharon waterfalls and caving in the Tharon region could make for a day or overnight trip. Dzuko valley which straddles the border of Manipur and Nagaland is a popular trek with sensational vistas. The really adventurous could also spend time exploring Naga villages, Mao, Yangkhullen and Liya at leisure.

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