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Travel Planning FAQs

How long of a trip is ideal to cover Manipur? 

There is enough to see and experience in Manipur whether you’re planning a trip for a long weekend, a week or even a much longer stay. In order to be able to cover a few different things, we typically suggest around one week. but a few days more or less would make for a fulfilling trip as well. 

What is the best time of year to visit Manipur? 

Manipur has something to offer at all times of the year. September through February offers cool and fairly dry weather to enjoy the outdoors. To take in Manipur’s natural bounty, June through August, although wet, would be a great time. Several festivals and celebrations fall in the months of February through May for a dose of culture. 

Is Manipur safe?


Manipur is safe in that life goes on peacefully and predictably at large. Locals tend to be welcoming of outsiders but like any new and unfamiliar place, be extra cautious if travelling alone (without a guide). Stay mindful and respectful of the locals and their customs and you should be fine. If you’re a solo woman traveller, or even a group, this would apply just as well.

How do I get around within Manipur?

Public transport is limited. If you plan to stay in the Imphal valley, there are two wheelers available on rent and you could get around on your own. To explore beyond the valley, it is best to go with a local tour guide and use a private vehicle. 

Can I get by with speaking just English and/or Hindi? 

Even in the most remote villages deep in the hills, English will take you a long way. In Imphal valley, most people speak at least elementary Hindi and/or English. In any case, don’t be shy to ask around for help if you happen to find yourself lost in translation. People will gladly help.

How is the mobile connectivity? 

One of the biggest things that Manipur has going for it is mobile network connectivity, even outside of Imphal. 4G network, especially Airtel and Reliance Jio is widely available and strong, even in remote villages and on hills.

How is the nightlife?


You may not find a nightclub in the urban sense of the word, but there are always concerts, festivals, touring theatre company shows or house-events going on in the Imphal valley. There is definitely a thriving ‘scene’ but it helps to ask someone local for the specifics in order to attend.

What should I know about buying alcohol in Manipur?

Manipur is a dry state which means alcohol is legally prohibited. However, many villages and local communities brew spirits and wine - totally legal and 100% safe which you must try. Expectedly, liquor is widely consumed across the state and is procured by many via both legal and illegal channels. (The rule of law in Manipur is a complicated story for another day).

Will I find vegetarian food in Manipur?

Manipuri cuisine is replete with vegetarian produce, but is usually restricted to people’s homes. We are happy to cook typical Manipuri dishes for our guests and accommodate dietary restrictions.

Don't see your question in the list?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that come up as you plan a trip to Manipur.

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