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We’re growing - A whole new floor at Ekhoigi!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Ekhoigi in Manipuri means ‘Ours’. We chose to call our property Ekhoigi because it literally is that - our dream, our space and our heart, that welcome our guests into.

Ekhoigi was a 2 bedroom unit that saw over 200 guests in the last several months, running full more often than not. We’re so happy to announce that we’ve now added a whole new floor with 2 more rooms available to book via Airbnb or directly(email/whatsapp us for details).

This has been in the works for several months. We’ve had sleepless nights and aching musclesto bring this to fruition but it’s all been worth it because our new rooms are finally ready for business and our first guests check in this weekend!

Check out some pictures of Ammo (truly a man donning several hats) welding a ______, the construction in progress, and our spanking new rooms. We’re so happy and proud! <what’s different? A fancier set of rooms? How many guests/rooms? balcony? >

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